5 Ways to Get Rid of Dull Dry Skin and Say Hello to Beautiful Glowing Skin.

Updated: May 19

Here are 5 ways to get rid of dull dry skin and say hello to beautiful glowing skin!

Every spring I look in the mirror and realize my skin has a dull almost grayish appearance. It's no longer glowing and rosy like it was in the summer. Usually I think to my self that it's time to book a facial so I can instantly get back some glow to my face. But, actually there are plenty of things to do at home that help just as much as a professional facial.

Now, if you have major skin concerns, just want to treat yourself, or really need some glowing results fast, then definitely book your facial with your favorite Esti. Last year, before Covid my mom, sisters and I did our annual girls day and all got facials with Kayla. I loved getting my facial from Kayla, I met her last year as our studio suites where down the hall from each other. She is the owner of Cloud 9 Luxury Spa and is the nicest, sweetest person you'll ever meet! (photo cred: cloud9luxuryspa)

However, If you would like to stay home and take care of your skin and don't mind waiting a little bit to see your skin get progressively better; then I have some great tips for you.

Before owning my own studio suite, I did facial services for my clients. One of my favorite brands to use was Bioelements. I liked them because they were high quality products. They have concentrated ingredients with out extra fillers like most drug store brands. They are easy to use everyday and make your skin look and feel healthier when used correctly. You can learn more about the quality of their products here on their website.

When I want to get rid of my dull skin at home I like to use my Bioelements products to help get my glow back. I have 6 things I do in my beauty routine that I think will really help you too:


You need to exfoliate (really year round) because your body is constantly growing new cells. As it does this, it pushes old dead cells up. Those dead skin cells sit at the top of your skin until they get sloughed off.

Now, you don't have to get too crazy with exfoliating and you shouldn't use harsh scrubs on your delicate skin. But, a gentle daily exfoliate will help get rid of the dull dead skin on top so that your skin's natural glow can shine through. Also, any other products you put on will be able to get in and really work vs just sitting on top of your dry dead skin.

My favorite Biolements facial scrub is the Measured Micrograins. It is gentle enough to use every day but you can also use it a couple times a week and still get good results. It leaves your skin feeling fresh but not stripped or tight. Click here to add this daily exfoliate to your routine.

measured micrograins daily exfoliate

Tip #2 MASKS

I Love a good mask!! They are highly concentrated and can help address specific skin issues. You can use a mask 1-2 x's a week for that extra kick in your glow routine. Usually you need some time to let them sit on your face. So plan out a little "Me Time" get a glass of wine, your favorite desert and cozy up on the couch for a few minutes.

If a mini spa session is not your style or you just don't have time. You can still get the benefit of your mask while you are doing other things. Just today I let my mask sit on while I washed a some dishes!

There are lots of different masks to choose from but since we are talking about getting our glow back here are the three I recommend according to skin type. Click on the name of the mask to check out more about it.

Oily Skin: Restorative Clay Mask

restorative clay mask

Normal to Dry Skin: Radiance Rescue Mask

(This is the one I am currently using, I love that it is also an under eye mask; however I avoid my T-zone because it's way to moisturizing and makes that part of my face feel too oily)

radiance rescue mask

Dry or Anti-Aging Concerns: Collagen Rehab Mask

collagen rehab mask


Serums are like masks in that they are very concentrated and help specific skin problems. However they are different because they are meant to stay on and not be rinsed off. Because of this, they have gentler more progressive ingredients that can stay on your face all day. Think long haul instead of quick fix. My favorite type of serum to give me beautiful glowing skin again is a Vitamin C serum.

Vitamin C helps repair your skin and give it that healthy glow. It will also help with dark spots, scars or age spots. Bioelements Vc10 Daily Glow is my go to serum right now. I use it everyday before my moisturizer. Click here to add this essential piece into your glow routine.

vc10 daily glow serum