How to De-Stress Your Mornings so You can Start Your Work day off Right

Updated: Jul 15

How to De-Stress your mornings so you can start you work day of right. Here are 8 tips to help you have more peace in the morning.

My Life has totally changed since Covid Started. They way I run my business is different, I work from home and my schedule has totally changed. I had been having a hard time starting my day off right, everything felt stressful. I was using different techniques to plan my day, and organize my time but it wasn't working. I was using my old techniques before my life changed and they were NOT WORKING!

If your life schedule has changed since Covid, weather you are working from home or in the office I am sure you can relate.

Starting your morning stressed out makes your whole day stressful and keeps you from being productive as you could be. Through some trial and error I have finally found my new groove and a way to have a calmer morning and a way less stressful work day. Here are 8 things I do to de-stress my mornings that have really helped me and I think will help you too:

How to de-stress your mornings so you can start your work day off right blog post.
How to de-stress your mornings so you can start your work day off right.

#1- Do a Quick clean up at night to De-stress your mornings so you can start you day off right.

If I try to rush in the morning to get ready, but the house is messy I get so stressed out right away. I cant quickly make breakfast if the kitchen counter has a bunch of things on it from the night before. Or try to find my keys under a pile of stuff.

So now every night I do a 10-15 min clean up. Picking things up and wiping things down so I can get ready with out having to clean something first thing in the morning. This has made me so much more calmer in the morning. Its a game changer! You should definitely try this. It's sometimes hard to be motivated after a long day, but it's so worth it in the morning.

#2 -Prep the night before to De-stress your mornings and start your day off right.

Along with cleaning up I also do a quick prep for the morning. The old me used to meal plan and have everything ready for the whole week. That doesn't work for me anymore, it's too stressful to try to do the whole week. If you feel overwhelmed trying to meal plan for the week too, try what it do.

Now I just prep for the next day only and its way easier and saves me time in the morning. It helps me have a smooth morning while getting ready. I do things that might seem so easy and maybe not even worth it, but it really helps save minutes here and there in the morning and those minutes add up!

The night before, I take a mental note of what's in the fridge and decided what to make for breakfast, then I chop up anything I will need for breakfast in the morning. I will do the same for that days lunch. I also fill up our water bottles for the morning, and I set out what ever dishes and cookware I need to make breakfast. When you wake up in the morning everything is sitting there waiting for you and it feels so good!

#3- Take a shower or bath the night before to De-stress your mornings so you can start you day off right.

I used to not like washing my hair at night because I didn't want to sleep with my hair wet, but I learned some new tricks that make it easier.

Not only does a night time shower or bath save you time in the morning but it also calms your nerves the night before. This helps you get a better nights sleep. And a calm relaxing nights sleep makes for a much better morning the next day.

To speed up drying time so I don't go to bed with wet hair, I learned how to wet plop with a microfiber towel. "wet plopping" is considered a curly hair technique and there's different versions of how to do it, but honestly it can be done on all hair types.

It will help give you volume at the root, keep your hair from getting frizzy and help it dry much faster. Who doesn't want that?

Here's my supper simple version of wet plopping:

step1: After combing/detangling and applying your hair products grab a microfiber towel and gently squeeze your hair do get rid off the excess water. Do not rough up, shake or scrub your hair with the towel!

step2: Grab a second microfiber towel, flip your head upside down and wrap your hair with the towel gathering the ends of the towel at the top of your head. If your hair is med- long length pull the ends of your hair that are the towel in a scrunchy so it's one big hair/towel pony tail on top of your head. If your hair is short use a microfiber turban instead. twist the end of the turban and secure it to the back of your head with the hook/button and loop on the turban. I have some suggestions below for microfiber towels and turbans. You can click on each to find out more info on them.

step3: Wait 15-60min depending on your hair length and density. Take out the towel. Your hair will be 70-80% dry now. you can go ahead and use a hair dryer or let it air dry before bed.

#4- Take a moment of Silence Each Morning to De-stress your mornings so you can start you day off right.

Before just jumping into the stress of the day and hurrying to get ready, take a moment to ground yourself and mentally prepare yourself for the day.

One of my favorite books is called "The Mircle Morning" I read it a few years ago when I first started to work Independently renting a chair at a hair salon. It talks about 5 key things you can do each morning to set yourself up for a successful day.

The first thing it mentions is Silence. You can do this in different ways. Sometimes I just close my eyes and breath. Other times I take a few minutes to stretch.

The main thing is, before you start thinking about all the things you have to do, give your self a minute to pause. It only takes just a few minutes, but it really helps me to set the tone for the day.

You should really give this a try, and if you would like it check out the other steps to the miracle morning. You can click here or on the photo below to check out this awesome book: