How to do loose waves in your hair that will last all day

Updated: May 19

Want to know how to do loose waves in your hair that will last all day?

Do you try to style your hair in loose waves in the morning but just end up with some messy curls instead? Or maybe you get the waves but they immediately fall flat with in the hour?

Most of my clients at the salon had trouble getting the perfect loose wave that they wanted at home. So you are not alone!

I would always take the time to explain how I did it when I was styling their hair at the end of their appointment, and maybe your current stylist does too. But, it can be really hard to remember all the steps when you're at home.

So I am going to give you here my exact steps on how to have those beautiful loose waves at home that will last all day!

Book mark this page so you can come back to it every morning you need a little help styling your hair.

Step1- Give your hair the best foundation before curling

Before you pick up your curling iron you want to make sure you blow dry your hair with product in it.

See my favorite products at the end of this blog post.

If your hair looks flat, frizzy or messy before you pick up your curling iron, It will fall back to looking like that again. If you want tips on how to style your hair for more volume check out my post on how to get more volume in fine hair.

Step 2- Have all your tools ready

Now that your hair has been blown dry it's good to have all your tools out and ready before you start curling it. You will need :

  • A medium size curling iron (& possibly a flat iron)

  • Hair clips

  • A styling spray product that has heat protectant and is meant to use with heat tools (Like AG Spray gel or Redken Hot Sets 22)

  • A buildable, working hairspray (see recommendation below)

Step 3- Curl your hair

First do the bottom

  1. The first thing you want to do is lightly mist all your hair, top and bottom, with your styling spray.

  2. Then you need to clip up the top half of your hair.

  3. Start curling the bottom half.

  4. Grab a small section of hair and curl away from your face.

  5. If you have thick hair you can spray each section with your styling spray before curling it.

  6. Place your curling iron an inch or two above your ends and wind up.

  7. When you're done curling the entire bottom section let your hair cool down and DO NOT TOUCH IT.

Now do the top

  1. Take your Hairspray and give the bottom section a light misting.

  2. Repeat on the top half or your hair except this time you will position your curling iron differently. *To get more volume up top, place your curling iron closer to your head then slowly feed in the section of hair while winding the hair in. Leave out the ends.

  3. Once you're done curling the top let it cool and DO NOT TOUCH IT.

Finishing touches so your loose waves will last all day!