How to get Volume in fine hair so it lasts all day!

Updated: May 19

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Over the years I've had lots and lots of clients with fine straight hair. Don't let my curls fool you. For a long time I wore 1my hair straight and did not have a curly hair clientele. I took a lot of classes on how to blow dry and style hair to get the most volume, and what products were the best for volume.

What do you think of my straight hair?

Most people feel they can just buy some volumizing products and put them in and they should work, right? There's actually 3 secrets in getting voluminous hair. Whether my clients had short, medium or long hair I would tell them theses same 3 secrets so they could get the same volume at home.

The secrets are:

1)Picking the right styling product to put in your hair while its still wet.

2)Knowing how to dry and style your hair properly so it can have volume that lasts.

3) Picking the right Finishing products to protect your volume and give it style (because we want style and definition not one big poof ball)

If you follow these 3 secrets (paired with a good hair cut, (sorry but scraggly ends never look good) then your fine hair will look great and have volume that will last all day! My client below got a hair cut, balayage, color and a blow out. We did not use a curling iron, just my detachable round brush and the right products!

Secret #1: Styling products for wet hair

The first step is to apply a product while your hair is wet before you dry it.

This is very important because it's the foundation of your hair style. If your hair feels fine and flat once it's dried, it will stay that way no matter what else you do to it. So it is very important to use a styling product for wet hair first.

There are alot of styling products for volume. So I understand it can be confusing to know how to choose. First ask your self where do you want the volume? Do you want it all over or just on top?

If you want volume all over you'll need a product that will plump the hair shaft to make each strand feel thicker. You'll usually need to make sure its evenly applied by brushing it through your hair.

If you want volume just at the top or on your crown, then you need a root lifter. These products will help your hair strands stand up off your scalp so your hair doesn't lay flat against your head.

I really like Dressed Up from Hair Story because it's a two in one product. Its a light weight volumizing lotion that also gives you heat protection as your dry it. If you need more volume at the roots their Lift spray is awesome. And it has memory hold for next day styling if you don't wash every day! Click here to check them out

Secret #2: Drying your hair so your volume will last!

Taking the time to dry your hair correctly is actually the biggest thing you can do for your fine hair, if you want your volume to last.

Remember, however your hair looks right after you dry it will be what it will look like if it falls back flat latter in the day.

So if you rough dry it and it looks flat and messy, even if you curl it and put hair spray on it, it will eventually go back to looking flat and messy again before the day is over. How you dry your hair is going to be the foundation for your volume style. If it looks voluminous after you dry it then it will stay looking voluminous through out the day.

Just a tip when blow drying: round brushes are for volume and flat brushes are for making the hair smooth:

You can use a flat vented brush to quickly dry it first, but always finish using a round brush to get the volume you want. You can also try using my wet plopping technique to help you dry your hair quickly and get volume at the same time. I talk about this in another blog post, you can click here to read more about it.

If you are looking for round brushes I've been using Olivia Garden brushes on my clients for years. They are a professional brand of brushes that are easy to use, easy to clean and very durable.

A few years a go I discovered their detachable brushes and they are a game changer for volume! Think blow dryer and hot roller all in one. After you're done blow drying a section of hair just wind the hair back up in your brush then detach the handle and leave it it in like a roller while you blow dry the rest of your hair. You can actually find these brushes on amazon by clicking here or on the picture below

You don't always need to blow dry your hair to get volume. You can use curlers on top while air drying or sleep with your hair in a twisted bun on top. Or both! I used to put a curler in the front of my head, then pull the rest up at my crown in a twisted bun. Then I woke up and had beautiful volume and tussled waves when I took it out.

If you want to watch more tips on how to use these brushes and see what they look like watch my YouTube video on how to get volume in fine hair:

Secret#3 Picking the right finishing products

Finishing products are going to protect your style and give it definition. Because we move around during the day and usually go outside, all this can ruin your hair style.

Two of my favorite finishing products to recommend for my clients with fine hair are texture sprays and for very short hair, waxes or hair balms.