The Best Fall Outfits When You're Busy Working From Home - A Pact Clothing Review

Updated: Jun 6

Now that the weather is cooling down we are going to talk about the best fall outfits when you're busy working from home. I am going to review Pact clothing and talk about why they make such a great choice for this seasons wardrobe.

Finding the right work from home outfit is hard. Wanting to just be in casual comfy clothes all day, but at the same time needing to look a little put together for zoom or other video conference meetings can be hard to figure out.

Even if I don't have to see anyone on zoom, I found that I feel better and am more productive when I feel put together. But I’m not going to pull out my old work clothes. I want something that is comfy but still makes me feel put together.

I found the perfect company for this type of outfit. Pact Apparel.

We are going to review Pact and why they are not only a great company (FairTrade Organic Cotton Clothing and Home goods!) But also how their comfy clothing can help you feel put together and ready to tackle your work day at home.

I’ll tell you a little about why I love Pact so much and show you 5 great outfits from their new fall line.

My Story and Personal Pact Clothing Review:

I’ve been wearing Pact since the beginning of this year, January 2021. As a new mom with a new work from home career I was tired of wearing sweats and t-shirts all day. I felt unmotivated when it was time to work.

I had specific clothes when I worked out of the house, so I wanted some clothes to help me feel put together and ready to work while I was inside the house. My new outfits still needed to feel comfy because I was still taking care of a baby too.

I found Pact Apparel and loved that they had great staple items like tanks, tees, leggings. But also some nicer “work clothes'' items.

What I also loved is that most of their pieces coordinated with the same color palette. So I could take the guesswork out of deciding what to wear that day. All the pieces can mix and match and look great together.

The quality of their clothes is also great. They wear well and can be tossed in the washer and dryer. They don't fade, shrink or pill.

And the best part? They have the easiest FREE return policy ever! Using “Happy Returns” I just scan the QR code on my receipt. Then select if I want to return or exchange an item. Lastly I drop it off at my nearest FedEx. (If you don't have FedEX there is another equally easy way to return your items.)

There's no need to print out a return slip, or box it up with Happy Returns. I just walk into FedEx, they scan my QR code, hand them my articles of clothing and we wave goodbye.

Before I even get to my car I get an email showing my refund for my return!

I partnered with Pact as an affiliate because I love them so much! They gave me a discount code to share with you so you can get 20% off your first order.

Use my code at check out: FRENCHHAIRSTYLIST20 (click here to shop)

Why Pact Is Such an Great Company?

Fair Trade:

Pact partners with fair trade factories. These factories provide safe working environments. They also empower and uplift local communities and protect the environment.

Organic Cotton:

Everything at Pact starts with Organic Cotton. Growing Organic Cotton saves vast amounts of water and uses no toxic chemicals.

Recyclable and Biodegradable:

When your items are shipped Pact uses paper envelopes made from 100% post -consumer recycled paperboard and cardboard boxes made with 98% post-consumer recycled materials. Both are 100% recyclable.