The top 10 best "Treat Yo Self" day ideas for October 13, 2021

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

If you love the show "Parks and Rec" then you know what "Treat Yo Self" day is all about.

But even if you don't, October 13th is a day all about having some "Me Time" doing self care and working on your wellness.

The best part of "Treat Yo Self" Day is that you can spend it alone or invite some friends and family to do it with you. You also can stay in or go out.

Here are the top 10 ideas to "Treat Yo Self" this October 13th.

What are some good going out ideas for Treat Yo Self day?

  1. Going to the Spa- Start booking now to get an appointment for your treat yo self day. Book a Facial, a massage or any other face or body treatment you've been thinking of. (I have a list of local spas that I recommend below)

  2. Get your Nails done - If laying down for face and body treatments is not your thing try a Mani Pedi. It's just as relaxing, comes with a light massage and your nails will look great. Same as the spa, Book Now! (Nail salon recommendations below)

  3. Get your hair done - If you've been putting of getting your hair done all summer, now is the time to get a fresh look for fall. If you don't want to sit for hours on a color appointment try getting a treatment and blow out instead. I promise you will love how your hair will feel after!! Again, Book Now! (List of my favorite stylists below)

  4. Go out for drinks and apps- If you are not wanting to be inside, there are lots of places that have roof top bars. You can sip a cocktail, much on some food and enjoy the last bit of nice weather. (List of local roof top bars below)

  5. Go out in nature - There are lots of great places to be out in nature and see the colors change. Try taking a long walk or bike ride on a new trail you haven't been on before. (Local trail ideas below)

What are some good staying in ideas for Treat Yo Self Day?

  1. Do online shopping - I always have a side list of things I've been meaning to get on Amazon. How about you? Or maybe you have some items in your shopping cart on a couple sites that you haven't clicked "purchase" yet! If that's the case take the afternoon to relax, grab your computer and go shopping! (list of my favorite online shops below)

  2. Try an at home facial - Nothing says Treat Yo Self like an at home facial! I have a tutorial and review on how to get glowing skin with Bioelements products you can read. Also watch the video if you want to do it step by step together. Or you can try a Beauty box from Look Fantastic. Its basically an all in one "Me Time" box with travel size products. Each box is worth about $70 and sells for $16-$19. Plus I have a code to get it for just $10! (Click here and use the code: BBTREAT to try out a Beauty box for just $10!)

  3. Try an at home Manicure - When your nails look nice you just feel better! Grab your favorite polish, a nail file, buffer, cuticle oil and call friend or listen to some music during "Treat Yo Self" day. (Read my blog on how to cure your dry hands)

  4. Make a Tea Latte - My go to latte at home is a Cinnamon Fog latte. I created this recipe and it is the perfect fall drink. Think London Fog latte with cinnamon. This tea latte is perfect to sip on while you're outside enjoying the fall air or inside snuggled on the couch with your favorite movie. (Latte recipe below)

  5. Start an at home yoga routine - Yoga has so many benefits. It can help you gain strength and flexibility. But it also can help you manage stress, and anxiety. (Online yoga recommendations below)

Here are my going out recommendations for "Treat Yo Self" Day October 13, 2021:


Advanced aesthetics beauty forever- Kenosha

Tre beauty studio - Kenosha

Nail Salons: